1. Without Streetlights/Behind The Mebane Street Void

  2. Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year's End

  3. Air Within
    Lost Trail & Stephen Palke

  4. Blacked Out Passages

  5. How An Absence Creates A Presence

  6. Mountain Wanderers EP

  7. Return To October Mountain

  8. Our Season
    Lost Trail & Plains Druid

  9. Old, North
    Zachary Corsa

  10. The Sophie Trudeau EP

  11. Holy Ring Of Chalk

  12. Kamrar/Lost Trail Split
    Kamrar & Lost Trail

  13. Up To The Snow

  14. Live @ Glenwood Coffee & Books, Greensboro, North Carolina, 04/11/2014

  15. Nothing Is Fucked Forever

  16. The Leaf & The Branch

  17. A Spirit

  18. Wild Axe

  19. Pages From The Alamance Hymnal, 2011-2013

  20. Music From 'End Of A Continent Blues'

  21. A Stained August For The Jetcrash

  22. October Mountain

  23. 5,000 Blackbirds Fall Out Of The Sky
    Look To The North

  24. The Blackridge Tapes
    Lost Trail & The Implicit Order

  25. Music From 'Traumatic Attachments'

  26. Broken Headstones EP

  27. The Haunting On Fisher Street

  28. Fox
    NYKDLN & Lost Trail

  29. Ten Years Of Lost Memory
    Lost Trail and Charles Wright

  30. Star Map EP
    Nevhar Anhar/Lost Trail

  31. House and Shadow

  32. Lost Trail/TMRO Split
    Lost Trail & TMRO

  33. Hunted Through Gray and Barren Hills

  34. In Gray and Leaden Air
    Lost Trail/FAVRTSM

  35. Covered Mirrors: A Collection Of Lost Trail Juvenilia

  36. Currents Of Force At The Unsettled Margins: Selected B-Sides

  37. Music From "Celebration"

  38. Mortimer, North Carolina

  39. Split w/ Bad Kids To The Front
    Bad Kids To The Front & Lost Trail

  40. Music From 'Grounded'

  41. Gapland
    Lost Trail & Charles Swain

  42. Cage For Fragile Vessels
    Proud Father & Lost Trail

  43. Intersecting Lines Of Power

  44. Lost Trail/ZZZ Top & The Dumb Drums Split
    Lost Trail/ZZZ Top & The Dumb Drums

  45. Count On Me
    Cobra Mist

  46. The Promise Of A Darkened Dawn
    Salt Borders


Lost Trail Burlington, North Carolina

Lost Trail (Burlington, NC) is the ambient/drone/noise/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary Corsa and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi and obsolete recording technology, we aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

Early releases/b-sides: www.losttrail.bandcamp.com

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