Blacked Out Passages

by Lost Trail

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"This was a really good year for drone music, and Lost Trail contributed its fair share with Blacked Out Passages. The album lays bare the beauty of the techniques the band uses, the sheer enjoyment of making something deeply interesting out of pieces thought of as refuse, as impossibly non-musical, so caught up in the world there’s just no point in listening: carefully, methodically, Lost Trail manipulates all those bits and bolts, often furthering their decay, revealing a blissful process of creation through erasure and re-composition, re-use and re-tuning. Sometimes, it’s just much more fulfilling to be lost, to forget, to think noisily and daydream about nothing at all." - A Closer Listen (Top Ten Drone Releases of 2014)

"Buried within the panned guitars are these extremely emotionally charged single-note piano leads, the inclusion of which are so effective that they send shivers down my spine. Field recordings of summer-time ambience are fitting on the 75 degree, breezy solstice night in which I write this. Fragments of hidden melody dance like little flecks and embers of campfire symphonies released into the air...Lost Trail effortlessly evokes the gentle wind — it’s simply who they are and where they are from. The North Carolina summers seem to be in their veins....this is heartwarming, evocative, and thrilling drone; equally as capable of lulling you into a dream as it is making your hair stand on end. Lost Trail should be the soundtrack to every happy warm night this Summer, and hopefully all to follow." - Heathen Harvest

"Old wood, old sounds, old attitudes are being cut away, making room for new growth. As haunted as Lost Trail has often seemed to be, this...sounds like sunshine." - A Closer Listen

"Lost Trail is a truly realized idea and an inspirational project…As with any good ambient music, it portrays an epically vibrant atmosphere which is tasty and fulfilling. Not one note or captured moment of this collage sounds tired, bored or uninspired. A truly delicious experience, and a highly recommended album!…I cannot wait to hear more from Lost Trail." - Eternity Tree

"Recorded in a shed in rural Efland, North Carolina in fall of 2012, Blacked Out Passages threads guitars, piano, field recordings, noise, synths, organs, and percussion into gritty, sometimes hallucinatory dreamscapes within which disembodied voices and alien sounds surface alongside earthbound electric guitar shadings and keyboards. Though the recording, effectively structured and concise, frames two seven-minute pieces with two longer ones, the album really plays like one extended piece, despite the indexing and brief pauses separating the tracks from one another." - Textura

"This haunted house music is a perfect soundtrack for a cold winter's day." - Vital Weekly

"Slate grey and beautifully so...they create an opaque, mysterious and lustrous mist of sound; fog-choked sleepscapes for the deepest of dream dives...There is an intensity of musical direction throughout that ensures ‘Blacked Out Passages’ transcends the merely pretty..." Ears 4 Eyes

"...a splendid set of dark ambient lo-fi experimental noise drone...So much atmosphere on here you could cover a 20-acre farm in deep fog and still have enough left over to create a thick pea-souper in a Sherlock Holmes TV episode. Chilling use of voice samples they do make...recorded and distorted voices struggle to make their messages heard, murmuring like ghosts in a swirling mist. Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa hand-craft their effects by wisely eschewing modern technology, with its digital methods, over-familiar sounds and multiple presets. Instead, they favour old analogue equipment and obsolete recording devices, working hard (hopefully in a derelict garage at midnight) to create their own personal badging of the lo-fi aesthetic. The wispy and genuinely haunting music is supplemented with pianos, organs, and guitar drones, plus stray field recordings, all layered into an intricate collage assemblage. Fans of Philip Jeck will appreciate their use of tape loops and distressed old recordings...those with a taste for the strong meat of loud guitar noise should enjoy the roaring tones of ‘Rooftops / Spires / Valleys’. For me though this record is at its strongest when it exhibits its delicate and fragile side, instantly summoning up vistas of snowy landscapes and abandoned cities, while the forgotten voices and footsteps of the past echo around in melancholic fashion. Genuinely moving and heartfelt music." - The Sound Projector


released January 2, 2014



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Lost Trail Memphis, Tennessee

Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi, obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

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Nothing is fucked forever.
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