How An Absence Creates A Presence

by Lost Trail

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C50 available from Carpi Records in a handmade edition of 35. Includes two exclusive bonus tracks.

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"Burlington, NC ambient duo Lost Trail deconstruct source material captured at will from the town and surrounding landscape to form miniature vignettes, highlighting the beauty in nature's imperfect abstractions. "October Lights and Fields, Pt.1", taken from their new cassette on French label Carpi, is a neat summary of their overarching methodology: a garbled transmission of female speech begins in clear view, before being carried away across an open clearing by a slow swell, devolving into static before drifting out of sight completely.

Vague voices resembling piano chords cycle through a genteel ambient passage of remarkable calm, the stillness punctured only by an unidentified springing in the right channel as urban static rises and falls in the left. The pattern becomes trance-like, akin to watching pylons reflected in frosted windows on a car ride through a particularly peculiar stretch of countryside. The low rumble of an engine marks the final destination, the din of an approaching carnival, rich with children's laughter; a somnambulant stumble through the soundworld brought to an abrupt close." - Pitchfork

"Denny Wilkerson Corsa and Zachary Corsa comprise the dynasty that is Lost Trail, but leave the mystery solely in their music...How An Absence Creates A Presence brings another chapter of Lost Trail’s desire for meaning in the unknown. " - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Hearing the lonely drone of “October Lights and Fields” brings back that mesmerizing calm. The warped opening sample spinning away as the crackling ambient loop takes over, feeding your brain with a hypnotic beauty that can only hold for so long before it too drifts away, washed out by a static world of noise." - Perfect Midnight World

"Lost Trail is a Burlington-based drone duo that makes confusingly oneiric lo-fi pieces. Since 2011, they’ve been releasing and self-releasing a humongous amount of cd-r’s, digital files and tapes among “HAACAP”, put out by Carpi some weeks ago. It might be relevant to say that the artwork was made out of vintage postcards (one thing Carpi loves to do) because that is precisely how this tape feels sonically speaking: a collection of cold memory snippets degraded by the dust of time. “HAACAP” finds its meaning in hissed out 4-track meditations that inevitably end up being an introspective journey. And this is why these pieces share the same devotion for dreamscapes and memory loss sensations of acts like Grouper, Slow Listener or The Caretaker. As if one were sinking effortlessly on an deep vast sea, the extremely layered textures developed here evoke a disconcerting yet vivid set of interior imaginations. Vibrational feedback for these holidays." - Chrome Waterfall

"Right now, and for a long time, Lost Trail have been the ones providing that much-needed head space. I have lay everything onto them – my hopes, my dreams, my fears – and with that comes both a great relief, and yet a muted loneliness. How An Absence Creates A Presence is paced in sync with the beating of its listeners' heart. A once thick, and heavy air becomes diluted with the unmistakable presence of hope, your conscious self irretrievably bound to a place you seemingly left behind light years ago. Sobering thoughts trickle through you, as the distant harsh plucks of a guitar echo off somewhere in the distance and the chatter of mysterious characters filters through. For the first time in a long time, all you want to do is listen." - Tape Famous


released November 7, 2013



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Lost Trail Memphis, Tennessee

Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi, obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

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Nothing is fucked forever.
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