How They Kindle And Flame!

by Lost Trail

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    Double cassette edition from Already Dead Tapes And Records.

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"I once spent a dismally depressed night chain-smoking and driving the same six or so suburban blocks. My chosen soundtrack for this aimless venture was a half-volume radio tuned to an empty station. Static, with the occasional intrusion of near-by wavelengths seemed to be the best fit for that slouched drive through dark neighborhoods. The empty hissing somehow blunted my uncomfortably pointed thoughts. How I wish I had this album then. Mixing that static with a hopeful, orchestral drone and sound clips full of oblique meaning would have buoyed my spirit in the dim aquamarine light of my car stereo. Just the sense of intelligence behind shaped static and drone is a comfort; human contact by proxy, which is all I could have taken at that moment. Not that those are memories I particularly want to relive, but I’m glad Lost Trail can conjure them up; viewed several years removed it’s part of my past I wish had been better considered in the moment. The power of this kind of fragile, humming ambient sound is that it allows that window for nostalgia and, if applied properly, maybe the opportunity to reflect and learn." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"I met a guy who was living in a group home and had just received an increase in medications for battling his depression. He explained to me how much better he was feeling and how last night he simply cried thinking of all the people who cared for him. The noise group, Lost Trail, is a temperate version of that kind of medication. The music this duo makes is an eye-opener into the concepts of realness and acceptance, giving care to both the listeners and the music that they make. This all shows well in the tracks that build up within their latest release, “How They Kindle and Flame.”

Hailing from Burlington, North Carolina, Lost Trail is a noise group that uses drones and ambience as improvisational instruments. The group has been around for some time and now specializes in creating songs that resonate with, (believe it or not,) the field of ecology.

“How They Kindle and Flame” tells us a story of interpreted characters, constructed from field recordings, and these characters' adventures / experiences of traveling to and through woodland plains to the outskirts of a bosky wilderness. Each song accompanies the listener, by presenting to them a new chapter in the story of the album. For example, the introductory track brings the story's characters into a dream state, “Cruising at 145 mph, 4,500 feet asl...”.

My favorite track, “Train Will Tug My Grave,” captures two feelings that rest in separate areas of human emotion. With one dark sound, droning and alluding to the feeling of fear, there is an overlaying 2-3 toned melody that makes for something, strangely enough, delightful and upbeat. For sure the best way to listen to this album is with the track listing in hand. And for sure, the best way to find out “How They Kindle and Flame” is by buying the latest release from Lost Trail on Already Dead Tapes." - Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes


released November 25, 2014



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Lost Trail Memphis, Tennessee

Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi, obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

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