The Afternoon Vision

by Lost Trail

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44 minutes of new music. Double 3" CD in a beautiful handmade 'jackdaw' package via Wist Rec available here -

"There is beauty in the dirt, swirling around the fallen leaves. The noise is a relative of shoegaze, a darker figure that loves to wear torn clothes. Through cavernous interiors they glide and slide, over the sidewalks and through the streets. Distorted noise crackles and then sets fire to the music. Pillars of drone crumble, and the sad susceptibility of a minor chord flows from the creek, gushing with the tears of the heartbroken. The piano is barely there, barely breathing in what is a tragic and yet gentle sound. Recorded messages and telephone calls speak of secret lives tainted by unease. And all the while, the music is calling to you...plainly beautiful music." - Fluid Radio

"The sounds feel weathered, rediscovered; orphaned from their primary purpose and now left to whimper and hum to themselves, only to be inducted into Lost Trail’s catalogue of evidence...both potent and elusive." - ATTN: Magazine

"I was apprehensive to review yet another release by this project, as I’ve already gushed my heart out over 2013’s Holy Ring of Chalk and earlier in 2014, Blacked Out Passages, but the prospect of pouring over the minutiae of one more Lost Trail release had me too excited...The Afternoon Vision is something even more. It is inexplicable, it is affecting like few other albums of its ilk, and it is painfully beautiful...Lost Trail hasn’t reinvented the wheel; they’ve just flattened the tire, punctured it, ran it up a curb, and dented the rim. It still technically works, but not as before...this is one of the most hopeful ambient records I have ever heard. Each tonal fragment, each hidden gem of a piano key strike, each sighing layered harmony sounds as if it was recorded on a tape so old, so near the end of its life that it’s near miraculous it lasted until the end of the song. As if it’s inevitable death was staved off just long enough to capture those last few minutes, because it knew how important its purpose was...Listening to “It’s All Outskirts Here” shows how deft a hand the duo behind Lost Trail is in fact one of the most beautiful short pieces of music I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying...“You Watched the Sun for Hours,” the follow-up to “It’s All Outskirts Here,” has actually made my eyes well up with its evocative piano. I find myself breathing in as deep as I can in the last two minutes, purely so I can exhale slowly and allow myself to disappear, if only for that short duration...The absolute worst thing about The Afternoon Vision is that it ends. The final three tracks are 10 minutes of some of the most gorgeous music I’ve ever heard, and they CLOSED the album with it. So not only is a total run time of about 45 minutes the perfect length, but then the final 10 minutes are so god damned heart-wrenchingly good that I have to start the thing all over again. Please, don’t sleep on this. I implore you. Once the 130 copies are gone, you’ll have missed out on something that this over-worded review simply cannot articulate. Something intangible happened during the recording of The Afternoon Vision, the least you can do is listen and allow it happen to you." - Heathen Harvest

"It would be too easy to say that this is just some ‘drone’ like music; it surely owes to that world, but Lost Trail plays more than just that...that louder edge of drone music is in more pieces, but also the quieter and more introspective drone is never far away. Lost Trail takes the listener not on a path but on a journey and visits various grounds of musical interest. Throughout a most enjoyable release, both visually and aurally." - Vital Weekly

"The smoky drones are still present, as are the warped tape monologues about religion and folklore. Backwards masking and empty projector reels are found lodged between bouts of feedback and unsettled excavation of buried resonances." - A Closer Listen

"Stand out for a reason...the range of materials included here (we’ve lifted some photos from Wist below) prove a perfect physical counterpart to Lost Trail’s modest, pastoral conjurings of blended field recordings and distortion, as well as a more than usually compelling vehicle for a crafted CD-R release." - Decoder


released October 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Lost Trail Memphis, Tennessee

Lost Trail is the ambient/drone/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary and Denny Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi, obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.

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Nothing is fucked forever.
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